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The best managed IT support services in Canberra

OPC, one of Canberra’s most recommended managed IT service providers. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

OPC, one of Canberra’s most recommended managed IT service providers. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Businesses large and small experience equal frustration when it comes to information technology. Increased complexity, rising costs, cumbersome procurement and never-ending upgrades are all familiar themes.

Tedious as this may be, the catch is that businesses need technology. Informatics is the backbone of many an operation, with everyone from bakers to builders relying on their services.

While many of us are competent in making tech decisions, we tend to fall short in managing these systems every day. From servicing the needs of remote teams to cloud storage and software, there is plenty to keep us busy.

Indeed, running technological infrastructure for a business can be a drain, not only in terms of resourcing but, most importantly, on time. And if you, like other owners or managers, are feeling time slip away, help is on the horizon.

Our region’s managed IT services are a great solution for keeping businesses’ technology running efficiently. They are also a fantastic option for those businesses without the resources or skills to do so in-house.

Managed IT services effectively take on the responsibility of your network, servers, hardware, software, apps and of course security. They can also offer tech support for your teams as needed.

Many local businesses are augmenting their existing infrastructure by partnering with a service to manage their IT needs. However, finding the right partner for your managed IT services is a critical task. Fortunately, we’ve found some of the best local managed IT services and support crews in the Canberra region.

What makes a great managed IT support service?

Great managed IT services are the lifeblood of any business. They ensure your software and systems run smoothly, allowing your and your team to do what you do best. Here are our tips on evaluating your managed IT and IT support service:

  • Certified. Within the IT industry, certifications are the lead currency. They indicate that technicians are trained to the highest of standards across specific vendor products and programs. So, consider your business systems and seek out a service with the skill set and certifications to match. Casting a net to those who manage businesses in a similar category or industry as yours can also prove fruitful. Additionally, consider the vendors they work with – are they reputable, compliant, and do they hold the right ISO certifications? Finally, assess their track record and reputation through customer reviews and of course professional recommendations.
  • Always available. If you are looking to contract your technology needs to a third party, ensure they are readily available whenever you may need them. Great service providers offer round-the-clock support spanning every day of the year. They are conveniently located and offer on-site maintenance and support.
  • Highly efficient. Great managed IT and IT support services thrive on efficiency. This translates to fast response and service times. If your provider cannot clearly articulate their service level agreements, it is best to move on. Look for providers with swift service response times along with clear processes of whom to contact, for what, and when. The best will be able to provide clear benchmarks on which to assess their performance. Standard metrics, such as ticket-handling time, first-contact resolution, tickets per technician and cost per ticket should be a given.
  • Clear in a crisis. The best managed IT and IT support services have it covered in the event of an emergency. Not only are they able to resolve matters urgently, they also defuse escalating issues before they explode. Understand how each service manages things such as data loss, data recovery, security, and cyber attacks. Doing so gives you the confidence that your business will continue to operate under extenuating circumstances.
  • Business partners. IT services adopting a partnership approach means they work with you, rather than for you and only when needed. This is all about proactivity, taking the initiative to enhance your business systems and mitigate issues before they occur. This not only saves time, but also improves the bottom line as costly mistakes are avoided. Moreover, an information technology partner will work with you as your business grows, delivering solutions that allow you to transition to the next stage and beyond effectively.

    Photo: Michelle Kroll

    Photo: Michelle Kroll.

Few words from Riotact

OPC IT is committed to excellence in IT service delivery. It’s motto is “Leave IT to us.”

As a quality technology provider operating in Canberra since 1985, OPC IT adds measurable business value to clients through a wide range of managed IT, web, Cloud and security services. OPC IT’s services back clients to perform in the most efficient and effective way.

Local and family owned, OPC IT works with clients across multiple industries, building professional relationships grounded in mutual trust. Constantly evolving with the times, OPC IT offers end-to-end sophisticated IT services include procurement. Cloud Services include Microsoft's 365 Power Platform, SharePoint and Dynamics. Managed security services are available and OPC IT provides Drupal and GovCMS web development.

OPC IT’s Canberra service desk provides exemplary support. The company partners with industry leading vendors to provide the best hardware and technology. OPC IT maintains three International Organisation for Standardisation accreditations, including Quality and Information Security Systems Management.

The team of 28 specialists undergoes continuous training with industry-leading organisations so OPC IT is equipped with the latest skills and technology. This positions the team to provide responsive, high-quality incident and other services, and to deal with advanced threats and complex compliance requirements in the fast-paced world of cyber security.

OPC IT’s strong values include giving back to community. It actively supports a range of charities and community programs.


Legal Aid CEO John Boersig says, "OPC has provided services to Legal Aid Act for over a decade. They have provided timely and professional services throughout this period, and we have appreciated their collegiate and personal approach to client services. During this time their advice has been invaluable, as we have needed to plot the development of IT infrastructure – we rely on their expertise for both hardware and software investment."


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