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The best cyber security services in Canberra

Peter Shobbrooke, OPC IT's Security Specialist. Picture: Michelle Kroll

Peter Shobbrooke, OPC IT's security specialist. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

The lightning speed of technological innovation today brings more benefits than one could possibly mention. Indeed, the convenience of our highly digitised world is hard to sidestep. With convenient cyber solutions for everything from wallets to wearables, more of us are venturing online then ever before.

Yet in this transformational flurry there is also a great deal of risk. One can barely scroll a pixel without requiring a download of personal information to log in, join, or subscribe. And while sharing our sensitive data is essential for some things, we are ultimately risking our security.

From phishing and malware to denial of service, exposure to potential malicious cyber activity is high. Everyone from individuals and small business to large enterprise and government are at risk. Whether you run your own business or are tasked with the security of another, mitigating this is essential. That is where Canberra’s best cyber security services come into play.

What makes a great cyber security service?

These expert cyber security mavens apply offensive and defensive strategies to protect data and safeguard digital assets. If you are looking for a cyber security service, these considerations may be worth keeping in mind:

  • Equivalent expertise. Understanding your requirements is often the first step in narrowing the search for a cyber security partner. Consider your industry, organisation size, potential risks, and areas that require protection. Then, compare and contrast candidates, looking for parallels that demonstrate an understanding of your operational dynamics and specific needs. Here a quick review of their past and present clientele can be of great value.
  • Certified & accredited. In the world of cyber security certifications our currency. Not only do certifications indicate fed a company and they still are trained to the highest standards they also demonstrate they’re reputable and compliant. Seek out ISO certifications relating to information management systems and security protocols along with those relating to payment and data. Finally, look for industry affiliations with reputable bodies such as AISA and the Australian Cyber Security Centre.
  • Partnership approach. Cyber security firms that adopt a partnership approach means they work with you, rather than only when needed. Being a partner is all about proactivity, initiating security enhancements before the threat is real. It also opens the door to business integration, customisable solutions, and scalability – allowing solutions to grow alongside your business.
  • Clear in a crisis. The best cyber security service providers have it covered in the event of an emergency. Not only do they resolve matters urgently; they also address escalating threats before they attack. Understand how each service manages individual cyber threats, relevant safety nets, and operational recovery. Doing so gives you the confidence that your business will continue to operate under extenuating circumstances.
  • Availability. There is nothing worse than engaging a professional service who fail to be there in your time of need. As cyber threats can occur at any time, seek a team who are always available. Ensure you are up to speed on procedures, response times and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Few words from Riotact

Managed service providers, OPC, have been providing sophisticated end-to-end IT solutions, creative web, custom cloud, and security solutions, to organisations in Canberra for decades. Founded in 1985 with a focus on hardware for office productivity, OPC IT have evolved and flourished into full-service providers supporting the needs of the modern workplace.

Locally owned and operated, OPC IT works with clients from all manner of industries both large and small. With a focus on nurturing professional relationships grounded in mutual trust, OPC’s service delivery motto “Leave IT to us” says it all.

Offering a comprehensive slate of workplace technological services, OPC is the enabler of efficient, effective, and secure operational performance. Encompassing managed IT, web, workplace, and security, OPC designs, procures, delivers, and manages a raft of business tech solutions.

When it comes to cyber security, OPC IT offers 24/7 security monitoring and protection for clients. Focused on safeguarding personal, financial, and intellectual property from access, damage, or theft, they help to mitigate cyber threats.

Applying eight key risk mitigation strategies, comprehensive managed security services, SIEM and data protection, along with security awareness training, they work through all organisational levels. Moreover, their disaster recovery, business continuity, and round the clock support teams offer added peace of mind.

Importantly, OPC IT holds three notable ISO accreditations amongst which is Information Securities Systems Management - key for cyber security. As a proud partner of the Australian Cyber Security Centre, along with several other key technology vendors, they are in an excellent position to provide industry leading cyber security care.


Canberra Business Chamber COO Kate Holland states, "OPC IT have provided the Chamber with exceptional customer service over a number of years. The team has helped us navigate through three office relocations, technical issues, cyber security, and our day-to-day IT challenges. OPC IT’s reliable service and professionalism has given us peace of mind and we would highly recommend OPC IT for anyone looking for end to end IT solutions.”


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